– Making FEGLI Experts Available to Federal Employees

Local Expert FEGLI Experts becomes the first FEGLI option B search engine to offer consultation from local FEGLI experts., a web based FEGLI calculator and search engine, holds the distinction of being the first FEGLI Option B insurance comparing website to offer people the chance to connect with a

FEGLI Life Insurance at Age 55

Age 55 is a milestone when it comes to federal retirement and with 30 years of service you can retire with full benefits, but not with FEGLI.

Don’t Fall For FEGLI Discounts

Federal Employees shop around for FEGLI savings or look for other similar life insurance products that give them the same protection and cover at a lower price.

FEGLI Press Release 1-29-2014

For Immediate Release New York City, New York- 29th January 2014- The FEGLI Rates calculator provided by helps Federal and Postal employees reduce their life insurance costs. provides a clear and easy to understand illustration showing FEGLI Option B costs compared against private Insurance Company alternatives. FEGLI FEGLI is the group term life insurance …