– Making FEGLI Experts Available to Federal Employees

Local Expert FEGLI Experts becomes the first FEGLI option B search engine to offer consultation from local FEGLI experts., a web based FEGLI calculator and search engine, holds the distinction of being the first FEGLI Option B insurance comparing website to offer people the chance to connect with a

FEGLI Life Insurance at Age 55

Age 55 is a milestone when it comes to federal retirement and with 30 years of service you can retire with full benefits, but not with FEGLI.

FEGLI and Viatical Settlements

FEGLI has no cash value, but that’s not stopping you from assigning it to one or more assignees, and one of these may be a viatical settlement company. 

FEGLI Claim for Death Benefits

If you die while still covered by your FEGLI life insurance, your designated beneficiary or beneficiaries need to file a claim for death benefits.

FEGLI For Reemployed Annuitants

f you have decided to enjoy retirement benefits such as FEGLI for annuitants, but become reemployed, you will need to sort out life insurance coverage.